Snow-Blind and Looking Around

Baltimore during the blizzard of 2016
Baltimore during the blizzard of 2016

January’s a good time for thinking back and looking ahead anyway but there’s been a blizzard this week, so here’s a post with notes about what’s going on, looking back on 2015, looking ahead, and so on.

Litanies and Reiterations

Most of my creative energies in 2015 were devoted to the release of a new chapbook, Litanies and Reiterations. With the writing, publication, release, and tour of the book I learned so many new things about writing, editing, typesetting, printing, event planning… and I wish I had learned more about videography. I invested a lot–too much–of my time, energy, and money in order to gain those lessons, and I would gladly do it all again, because I’m proud of the work. You might enjoy the book, too. Copies are still available for cheap on Amazon.

Submissions and Publications

This morning I took a look at my submissions tracker to see how many times I sent work out for publication in 2015. It wasn’t many, because of the book, but I did perform at a lot of readings in the last year, thanks to Baltimore’s vibrant subculture for literary events.

A New Reading Series

In 2015, I added my own humble offering to Baltimore’s literary scene, with the introduction of the Infinity’s Kitchen reading series. An extension of the zine I publish under the same name, the reading series is an attempt at a new format for readings: something like a late-night talk show, with humor and conversation added to the mix. It has been so much fun collaborating with the readers to produce the shows, and a delight to see that audiences enjoy them. After a year of experimentation on the stage at Sidebar, the now quarterly event has moved to the Jordan Faye Contemporary Gallery and I’m very excited about the second year of readings to come.

Infinity’s Kitchen

With all of the above going on, I suppose it’s no surprise that there wasn’t time to create another issue of the Infinity’s Kitchen literary journal. I should offer an apology to the patient contributors who haven’t pulled their work for publication elsewhere. I have begun on a new issue, number 8, and hope to have it ready within a couple of months, in time for the second quarterly Infinity’s Kitchen reading on Thursday, Apr 21.

My Grandmother’s Writings

Since 2013, I have been working to catalogue and digitize the writings of my grandmother, Betty Kinnett. After taking stock of all the writings that she made, I started with the poems, since it was easy enough to retype them. Now, I’ve moved on to the novel. Yes, I skipped over the short stories, essays, and plays, for now and I’ve gone right to the most difficult thing. It’s moving slowly, but already I’ve scanned about one-third of the novel, and have digitized the text of nearly that much as well. If you’re interested in this project, let me know and I’d be happy to talk about it in more detail. I think I should have the novel digitized soon.

Real Pants?

At the start of last year a new blog rose from the ashes of the mighty HTMLgiant. It’s called Real Pants. It’s a funny name, isn’t it? Even funnier: I write regularly for the website. I suppose you’d expect that those writings would extol the virtues of various kinds of trousers, as opposed to shorts, but no, Real Pants is a website about literature and the new literary community, and I write a regular feature called the Litblog Roundup. Every two weeks, I take the pulse of the literary community online, and give an overview of the conversation. If you’re curious to start reading it, a great place to start would be the year-end litblog roundup for 2015. Let me know what you think of the feature!

What’s Next?

What does the new year have in store? Who knows, but I’l do my best to blog about it. Keep in touch!