“Set List” for Upcoming Chapbook

I’m nearly finished with the work to create the new chapbook called “Portraits and Landscapes.” This project has subsumed an earlier one, so there are a few pieces from that (now basically abandoned) project in the list of contents below. It’s interesting how that can happen, sometimes: one project gets delayed by another, because they’re really the same project, but that wasn’t obvious yet.

I hope to have photos of a new proof copy in the weeks to come!

01. [portrait](beautiful-mannequins.txt)
02. [landscape](pompeii.txt)
03. [portrait](president-wears-necktie.txt)
04. [landscape](new-world.txt)
05. [portrait](who-paints-what-she-sees.txt)
06. [landscape](kaleidoscope.txt)
07. [portrait](housekeeper.txt)
08. [landscape](rabbits-in-the-woods.txt)
09. [portrait](specimen.txt)
10. [landscape](walls.txt)
11. [portrait](live-studio-audience.txt)
12. [landscape](penn-station.txt)
13. [portrait](i-dreamed-of-chopping-a-tree-that-would-never-be-felled.txt)
14. [landscape](conversation-jubilee-cafe.txt)
15. [portrait](live-studio-audience.txt)
16. [landscape](looking-through.txt)
17. [portrait](im-sorry-its-been-a-while.txt)
18. [landscape](lost-nation.txt)
19. x
20. [landscape](convention-center.txt)

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