So Many Publishing Platforms, So Little Time

I had a conversation with a friend of mine last week, a fellow writer, about publishing short works online. Whether they’re singles, shorts, posts, releases or whatever you want to call them, it seems a lot of writers have taken to publishing, or self-publishing, short works online, to help build an audience. Many writers are doing this without the help of traditional publishers because, let’s face it, the literary economy isn’t likely to be profitable, so why not play around with it! Likewise, there’s a large and growing crop of publishing platforms out there, designed to help make it easier for writers to publish quickly and easily, although usually for some sort of a fee, and often it can be risky to publish on a website that may not last. Some of them are blog-like and others are book-like. Some are for technical writing and others are more general.

Here’s a run-down of just a few of the publishing platforms I’ve heard of recently. I haven’t had time to try very many of them, so I’m curious what anybody else might think of them before I jump into using one(s). Are there others like these? What are the differences among them?


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