Oh Life Bites the Dust

Yet another cloud-based writing app has evaporated, with the imminent death of Oh Life. Oh Life had an interesting premise, as a journaling app that was as easy to use as E-mail. You could set the app to send reminder messages. Then, all you had to do was to send an e-mail to a special address, and your journal entry would be recorded, even with photos attached. Pretty neat? Maybe so. But it failed, probably because people still don’t trust their innermost private thoughts to an Internet company, or maybe it was because it would be just as simple to send an e-mail to yourself? My own experience with it was that I created 50 entries between November 2010 and February 2012, before exporting them into a different, not-totally-web-based journaling application called Day One.

Once again, Oh Life shows us that this is the trouble with online writing apps: if you’ve got your documents stored with them, you’ll need an exit strategy, because the service just might go away.

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