Gertrude Stein as Bookmaker

I enjoyed reading this description of Gertrude Stein as bookmaker:

While her writing is now recognized as among the most innovative in the twentieth century, Gertrude Stein’s paraliterary work in book design and publishing has gone largely unexamined.

In particular I found it interesting to learn that one of her books, “lucy church amiably” was designed to resemble the kind of notebooks used in school to write compositions or essays. When I was in school we called them “blue books.” It is interesting to think of a finished, printed book designed to resemble a ore ephemeral notebook, blue cover and all.

I stumbled on this article while looking for more information about Gertrude Stein’s book of portraits in English and French, “Dix Portraits” of which I cannot find an affordable copy, it seems, because there was only one edition of 400 copies. I would like, at least, to know which of her literary portraits were in it, and which have been reprinted later. At most, I would like somebody to reprint the book.

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