Mockups of an Upcoming Chapbook

The files went off to the printer this weekend. I’ll eagerly await a package in the mail so that I can see what my new chapbook looks like on paper, and share a few early copies with friends. Until then, here are some mock-up images. The chapbook has images provided by visual poet Volodymyr Bilyk, with whom I am honored to collaborate.

Here are some more random notes about the project.

The work to create my first chapbook has been a fun and interesting process and I’ve learned a lot along the way about typography as it relates to poetry. This has also been an opportunity to apply a few things I’ve learned about iterative design to something other than a website project, and it is interesting to think of an iterative process to create a printed book. In general, books are fairly static, compared to digital texts, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With print-on-demand technology, and ideas like lean publishing or sub-compact publishing, now it’s pretty easy to make a prototype for the book, to revise it, print it again, and so on.

(I might want to pull all these notes together, at the end, into something more like this post about the process that resulted in an 8 pound book.)

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