Website Ch-ch-changes

This poor website sure has taken a beating over the years. In addition to its role as a portfolio and a blog it is, most importantly, a punching bag for me to learn new ways to build websites. I haven’t been punching that bag, so to speak, for about a year, so I’m out of shape.

In July of 2012 I declared creative bankruptcy. I’m really glad I did. The subsequent year has been a very productive one for me creatively. What changed? In a word: focus. I decided to focus on one project at a time, rather than to spread myself too thin.

Now, I’ve got a few new things to add to the portfolio and I’ve started to think this website could use an update, and I could use some practice.

Here are some things I’ve been tinkering with:

All this is a way of taking notes but also it’s a way to say “pardon the mess” and to ask for any questions, comments of suggestions from you, if you have any.