Blog Rebuild Update

I’m still not sure how interesting this is to others, so I’ll keep it short. After more browsing around than I’d care to admit, I’ve chosen a few things to use as the foundation of the new version of this website. Here they are in no particular order.

text and figures
An interesting example of text with figures, from the Tufte CSS project

Text is beautiful! I’ve spent some time looking at Dave Liepmann’s adaptation of the work of Edward Tufte for HTML/CSS. Related to that, there’s an interesting open source typeface descended from Bembo that I think I might use. (I did get a little lost on a tangent related to footnotes, markdown and HTML, and the best way(s) to present those things visually, but I had to remind myself: I don’t really use footnotes that often.)

The Bootstrap framework has often been useful for me, and Bootstrap 4 is in the works, so I’ll start with that.

There are many good ways to put bootstrap to work as a WordPress theme (such as Sage, _tk, and others) but I wanted something very simple. I’ve tried both before and have enjoyed them but both of them were a bit too complex for my current tastes so I’ve chosen to use Simon Padbury’s b4st as a starting point. It has Bootstrap 4 already combined with a simple and easy-to-use starter theme.

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