Makerspaces and Museums

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about last summer’s hackathon at the museum, and about makerspaces, code sprints, flash mobs and other forms of participatory, rapidly developed experiences. I think that these are all a good fit for a museum, to put the “muse” back in “museum”. A creative space, like a makerspace: Modeled after … Continued

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Interesting vs. Familiar

It is difficult to describe the feeling of being in a new place all by itself, without also describing the place, but for me anyway, there’s a feeling that all new places have to them. The details are more apparent. You think about the place you’re in more distinctly, when it is a new place, than you do when you have it memorized. Once you have it memorized, you’re not thinking about it anymore — you’re remembering it

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Rear Window Timelapse

All footage taken from the original Rear Window (1954) directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The order of events is pretty much as seen in the movie.

more info:

Hungarian Dance No. 5
composed by Johannes Brahms
arranged for easy listening by Hugo Winterhalter

Cast: Jeff Desom

Tags: Alfred Hitchcock, Jimmy Stewart, Rear Window, Timelapse, Tilt-Shift, Loop, Panorama, 1954, Remix, Used Footage, Patchwork and After Effects

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The Death of Hypertext?

If the world doesn’t yet have a strong, ongoing body of hypertext literature, could it be because the idea was born before the widespread popularity of web standards? Are the early hypertexts akin to the early attempts at bookmaking, and so will hypertext literature require an element of conservation science in order to survive? Will it be transcribed or upgraded, the way the ancient writing was transcribed from scroll, to manuscript, to book, to database?

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Welcome to the Copycat
Produced & Directed by Alex Wein and Rob Brulinski
Cinematography & Sound Editing by Tyler Davis

A one-shot 15 minute walkthrough of Baltimore’s landmark building.

Tenants (in order of appearance):

Alex Wein
Kalynn Burke
John Yi
Dan Frome
Rachel Younghans
Rob Brulinski
Sean Wells
Danielle Wood
Josh Libercci
Rebecca Gasker
Chelsea Harman
Nick Broujos
Christopher Shields
Reece Cox
Sara Autrey
Adam Lempel
Brendan Sullivan
Graham Crisler
Emma Hinz
Elliot Swainson
Katie Haney
Allison Tullier
Michael Bachman

Baltimore music by:

Craft services provided by National Bohemian


Tags: Copycat, Copycat Building, Welcome to the Copycat, Baltimore, Maryland, MD, Copycat Project, Weekends and Raingirls

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